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I still remember almost perfectly the first time I wanted to dye my hair. I had fifteen years old and my mom didn’t allow me to go through the process of dyeing it “because you’ll regret it later”, she said. On that moment and because I was a very immature teenager, I got pretty mad at the whole situation.
I couldn’t understand how dyes and chemicals could torture your hair no matter how thick, strong and healthy it is, and even though my genes have been pretty generous to me, I still have to deal with some damaged caused by styling tools and highlights and the sun during the spring and winter time.

This is when I got introduced to Kerastase Soleil , a line of hair products made to take care of damaged hair and helps to nourish the hair while protecting against the drying effects of the sun, chlorine and salt water.

The coconut water and babassu oil are ingredientes known for their hair performing qualities, it revives parched hair, damaged by heat, dyes and the environment. The formula is made to suit all hair types and you’ll find it will hydrate yours without losing volume, leaving you with silky soft, amazing hair.

My favorite part about the whole serie is the mask; it's so easy is to apply, which can be during your shower routine in 10 minutes or as a rinse-off mask in 20 minutes. Because my scalp is somewhat oily, I concentrate mainly from the middle to the end, so the mask treats my split ends while taming the frizz perfectly, leaving my hair silky for three days between washes with no need of applying more product.

XOXO , Camila Andrea.

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