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I would definitely consider myself a makeup lover and that's probably not a secret to you.
I'm a big fan of a glowy and "natural looking skin" even though I'm wearing foundation and other products on top.

Here are some of the products I enjoy the most when it comes to achieve a glowy and youthful look

Guerlain Lingerie De Peau foundation
I really love this foundation. I am the type of girl that loves a sheer to medium coverage foundation that is easily buildable and is effortless in the application process. I love foundations that make my skin look airbrushed and natural without it looking like I have 10 pounds of makeup on. This foundation does just that! In addition, it leaves a silky satin finish on the face that isn't irritating after a full days wear and it also includes SPF 20.
I have dry skin and an oily T-zone. This foundation paired with my smashbox primer gave me a full day wear.
Towards the 8th hour, I had to pat my nose with a tissue once to remove the excess oil but never once did I have to reapply or powder my nose.

Giorgio Armani Silk Foundation
What I love about this foundation is that it has a bit of a powdery finish to it.
I don't need set it with powder when I'm done which is a big plus since my skin is dry, my face stays matte during the day without any need of touch up.
This lovely foundation has a velvety, glowing finish that is perfect for an everyday look and even nights out.
It truly deserves all the hype it receives.

Pillow Talk Charlotte Tilbury:

Finding the right nude lipstick is mission impossible! You know what I’m talking about…
The perfect nude lipstick should mimic your natural lip color as much as possible but with just a bit more oomph.
It shouldn’t be so nude it looks like you’re wearing concealer on your lips, and you should definitely aim for a more soft pink/brown shade since most people’s lips naturally fall in that family of shades.
My perfect nude is pillow talk by Charlotte Tilbury


I basically live for my Nars favorites, both Orgasm Blush and Dolce Vita are something I use on daily basis.
I tried them about a year ago because people were raving about how flattering these blushers are, and they were right! This sort of peachy/pink/gold shades brings live to the entire face and looks incredibly natural.
Really love how only the blushers can take your look to the next level!

XOXO , Camila Andrea.

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